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Global Business


Dan Shomon Inc. works for and with international clients on issues such as qualifying for government funding, overcoming obstacles, and optimizing legislation that facilitates your success in doing business in the United States.  We have helped international companies build partnerships throughout the world.


Dan Shomon Inc. is frequently engaged to proactively assess the responses and concerns related to major international transactions or announcements, with the goal of crafting a program of message discipline, and positive political reaction to business initiatives.

Dan Shomon Inc. works for and with a broad range of European and Middle Eastern businesses and governments, and over the last several years has had a number of successful projects in Romania, Serbia, Lebanon, and Uzbekistan. We have also worked with United States-based citizens on with relationships with these countries regarding issues as diverse as pilot programs for alternative energy production, release of prisoners of conscience, and human rights cases where citizens of foreign countries are victimized by totalitarian regimes. 

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