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Dan Shomon - In the News

In February of 2016, Dan Shomon was featured in an official Obama White House video when President Obama went back to Springfield to thank his early supporters.

Springfield: Where it Began -- The Obama
White House (VIDEO)

February 2016

Some of the many other Dan Shomon media mentions, interviews, and appearances include:


"Pragmatic Politics, Forged on the South Side"
New York Times

May, 2008


"A Sense of Self"

The Atlantic
September, 2012


Obama Reckons with a Trump Presidency

New Yorker
November 2016


For Obama, a Handsome Payoff in Political Gambles
Washington Post
November 2007


"Springfield remembers Obama as ‘a Chicago guy … an Illinois guy’"

Chicago Sun Times 


Barack Obama’s sense of time: It’s different than most everybody else's

New York Daily News
December 2014 

Dan Shomon, on Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz
June 2012

Bid For Congress Was Obama's Political Boot Camp

NPR All Things Considered

May 2012




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