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Dan Shomon

Dan Shomon is a leading government relations consultant and strategist in Illinois. Shomon is CEO of Chicago-based Dan Shomon Inc. He has more than three decades of professional experience in government relations, international business development, public relations, government management, political campaign management, grassroots organizing, and journalism. 

Dan Shomon has done significant work in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, especially Serbia and Romania, where he has helped companies with U.S. investments. He currently serves as an advisor and correspondent to ABC News Transilvania, a major news website in Romania. 


Shomon, who was born in Yonkers, New York, held the posts of Campaign Manager and Political Director for then Senator Barack Obama. Shomon served as an advisor and aide to Obama for over nine years from January 1997 to May 2006. Shomon traveled over 5,000 miles alone with Obama during the time and was one of his key, longtime political strategists.


Shomon has been quoted about Obama on BBC TV, CNN, Time Magazine, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, the New Yorker magazine, the Washington Post, National Public Radio, and hundreds of other newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and online news outlets around the world.

In Pulitzer Prize winner David Garrow’s widely acclaimed book about

Barack Obama–Rising Star–released in the spring of 2017, Garrow wrote,
“Barack and Dan Shomon had spent so much time together over the
previous five years, particularly since 1999-2000, that their relationship
had become by far the closest personal bond Barack had formed in his
seven years in electoral politics.”

Garrow’s book quoted a leading Democrat as saying, “Barack Obama is

not where he is today without Dan Shomon and I don’t think anyone can

or will dispute that.”

Shomon began serving as an aide to Obama when he was a staff person
for Illinois Senate Democratic Leader Emil Jones. Shomon was first
assigned by Leader Jones in January 1997 to coordinate Obama's press
and legislative work. He held that position until August 1999. During that

time, Shomon accompanied Obama on a one-week trip to Southern Illinois
in 1997 that was prominently featured in Obama's book Audacity of Hope. 


In August 1999, Shomon was named Campaign Manager for Obama for
Congress 2000 in Obama's race for the 1st Congressional District. Shomon
held that post until Obama was defeated by incumbent Congressman Bobby
Rush in March 2000.  A book by John Presta released about that campaign,
Mr. and Mrs. Grassroots,  said about Shomon, “Obama would not be president
without Shomon.”


Shomon continued to serve as an advisor to Obama until July 2002 when he was
named Campaign Manager for Obama's exploratory campaign for U.S. Senate.
In January 2003, Obama announced his candidacy for U.S. Senator. In July 2003,
Shomon was named Political Director for Obama for Illinois and served in that
role until May 2006.


In the Democratic primary race for U.S. Senate, Shomon coordinated Obama's
announcement for U.S. Senator in January 2003. Shomon was also a key member of the press and issues management team for Obama and he oversaw strategy and field operations for 97 of Illinois' 102 counties. After Obama was sworn in as U.S. Senator Shomon serviced for 18 months as his chief Illinois political advisor with the title of Political Director, working as a liaison between Obama's campaign committee and other Illinois politicians.


Shomon worked in the State Senate from January 1995 until August 1999, rising to the position of Assistant Director of Research and Communications, where he helped oversee over 20 employees.  Prior to that, Shomon was Director of Policy and Communications for State Treasurer, prior Governor, Pat Quinn from September 1993 until January 1995, where he coordinated statewide public education and media campaigns for an office managing over $10 billion in annual investments.


From March 1992 until September 1993, Shomon was Manager of the Public Information Office for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Shomon coordinated media response and public relations efforts for the 1,000-person agency and oversaw a staff of nine people.


For more information, see Dan Shomon - In the News.

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