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About Dan Shomon, Inc.​

Dan Shomon I​nc. was founded 15 years ago to provide grassroots advocacy, government relations, international business consulting, public relations, and social media management. Our clients include international Fortune 100 companies, mid-sized companies, municipalities, and associations. Clients have received more than $150 million in federal, state and local grant, loan and bond funding for their projects while represented by Dan Shomon Inc.


Leading companies and non-profit organizations turn to Dan Shomon Inc. to cultivate relationships with business communities, environmental interests, Latino, African-American, minority communities, industry leaders, local elected leaders, regulators, and opinion leaders.

Dan Shomon Inc.'s proven skills in political, policy, and advocacy arenas provide you with the insight, strategic thinking, and high-level advocacy that only comes from decades of experience at the international, national, state, and local levels.

Dan Shomon Inc. team members have spent decades working at every level of public and private service throughout the country, developing long-standing relationships that keep us connected and informed. Dan Shomon Inc. develops and executes real world, successful strategies with our national network of top public affairs professionals to achieve your objectives. 

We help you achieve success in generating visible and active support for your issues, creating new market opportunities, protecting and enhancing your reputation, or developing stronger relationships with your key allies.

Dan Shomon Inc. is prepared to work with you to produce demonstrable results in a number of key areas, including:

  • Government strategy/consulting/lobbying

  • Public relations and social media consulting

  • Grassroots organizing/community relations

  • Political consulting/field operations/political advertising/polling

  • Fundraising

  • Business development

  • Branding/strategy

  • Graphic design/web design

  • Ballot initiatives

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